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The Patrouille Acrobatique de France commonly referred to as Patrouille de France and sometimes abbreviated as PAF, is the precision aerobatic demonstration team of the French Air Force. Pilots fly the Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jet since 1981. Jump inside the cockpit of the Patrouille de France pilots for an amazing ride. Feel what they feel as […]

Jet Man

Last year a guy named Yves Rossy, a Swiss aviation enthusiast and inventor, became the first ever man to fly with a jet-powered wing attached to his back. His little wing is only able to keep him in the air for 5 minutes, but Yves has great plans for the future. Every man has a […]

Top speed challenge

A really fast bike, a really fast car and a not so really fast airplane battle it out in an old fashioned quarter mile drag race to find out who is fastest. Who do you think will be the winner?

Awesome view

This vid has quite some interesting camera view points. Actually just two, but anyway, these are awesome. You can really feel the speed in this one.

Speed and noise

I just love high speed passes. In areas of relatively high humidity, as the aircraft zooms by at high speed, water vapor condenses into droplets, resulting in spectacular images. Check out this F-18 Hornet as it zooms by.

Close plane

This guy really has balls as they say. He films this Swedish Gripen as it crashes. And, by the looks of it, the jet crashes really close by. And yet he doesn’t even bother, keeps on filming. The jet stalled after a low speed maneuver at the Stockholm Water Festival on August 8, 1993. Pilot […]

Jumbo drag race

Some times commercials can be really funny. Take this one for instance. It’s crazy and funny and great. Two Boeing 747 Jumbo crews battle it out in the airport using their planes. A real laugh. How would you fell if you heard “Your flight is ready for boarding” and then saw two Jumbos with two […]

Jet blast is powerful

Staged demonstration of the effects of jet blast. “Engine runs are loud… and dangerous. Jet blast is powerful”. I just the love the way that narrator said it. I find it rather funny. Interesting video though. Seeing means believing. Oh yeah, jet blast is really powerful. That car is just like a leaf in the […]

Jumbo low

Have you ever wondered what a Jumbo Jet would look like really close to the ground? And i don’t mean while on the runway… NO, doing some low level flybys, feeling the mazing sound of those four roaring turbojets… Oh, yeah! This South African Boeing 747 really delivers. Check out this amazing flick.

No reaction

A Russian Sukhoi Su-27 pilot tries to do a Split-S maneuver that ends in tragedy. He virtually plows the crowd with his jet, as people run scared in all directions. What is amazing is not the crash itself, or even the great fireball. Check out the soldier that calmly watches the scenes unfold and he […]