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Zero-G dog

Meet Max. Max is the passenger on the backseat and was brought along by his best friend for a little ride.. And during this joyride, Max found out what the effects of Zero-G are on his body. I wonder what Max was thinking while he was floating around…

The ultimate wingsuit video!

This is by far the coolest, most amazing, most insane… this is the ULTIMATE WINGSUIT VIDEO! Check out the crazy stuff these guys do in the Norwegian mountains… you really won’t believe it. Jean Loic Albert explains how these guys fly within hands reach of the cliff face, something called proximity flying and how they […]

Daredevil crop dusters

This is one crazy archive video showing the crop dusters of Columbia back in the ’50s. Spraying cotton was quite a business back then, but what really stands out is the incredible maneuvers these pilots performed with their little Piper Cubs to spread the load evenly. No wonder they were called daredevil aerial crop dusters… […]

Gyro hang glider

This has to be one of the most weird looking flying machines ever to reach for the skies. This thing looks as if a helicopter met up with a hang glider and humped it like crazy… and then the waited for the result. I wouldn’t have the balls to fly such a thing, but there […]

Jumbo lightning

This Jumbo Jet takes off in the middle of a storm and is punished by Mother Nature with one massive lightning strike. This video may look a bit dramatic, but lightning strikes are not really that uncommon. Nevertheless, this is one awesome moment caught on video.

Aussie crop dusters

Very cool video filmed by the guys at Jones Air, Australia. Great images showing the dangers but also the thrills of aerial crop dusting. This job requires not only great skill but also a lot of attention, one of the main reasons this profession has such a high number of fatal accidents is the high […]

Cutting close

Ever wonder how they trim the trees around power lines? My guess is you probably never even thought about it until now… but just in case you want to know… check out this great video. All you need to do some trimming is a skilled pilot, a helicopter and of course the biggest saw you […]

Bell 47 in action

This is a great illustration of how a helicopter pilot manages to control his aircraft, in this case one of the most famous helicopter in the world, the Bell 47. Narrated by Martin Sheen, this is part of the great IMAX Straight Up: Helicopters in Action, a must see for all helicopter buffs out there…

Hiller crash

This Hiller helicopter crashed while filming the 1978 film “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!”. The pilot was supposed to enter the frame at the same time the police car was rolling in… but he came a bit fast and had to flare hard thus hitting the ground with the tail rotor. Although the crash was […]

Plane to plane skydive

Greg Gasson is an American professional skydiver having jumped thousands of times out of airplanes. After all these jumps, Greg wanted to do a first… be the first to land in another aircraft. Check out this video and see for yourself how he managed to pull this stunt off.