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Bell 47 in action

This is a great illustration of how a helicopter pilot manages to control his aircraft, in this case one of the most famous helicopter in the world, the Bell 47. Narrated by Martin Sheen, this is part of the great IMAX Straight Up: Helicopters in Action, a must see for all helicopter buffs out there…

The Ridge Pack

Great hang gliding video presenting a few guys who call themselves ” The Ridge Pack”. Some nice action there, if you are into hang gliding. Enjoy!

Turbine cubs

Turbine Cubs of Wyoming are the guys building this replica of the famous Piper Cub. These are very nice little planes for bush flying and stuff like that. Anyway, check out this amazing video of these airplanes in actions… pretty cool scenery!

Coolest low level passes ever!

These are probably some of the best low passes ever. And, if it is about low level action, then it’s the French flying their Mirage F1s as crazy as humanly possible over the sands of Chad. Enjoy!

Helicopter low pass

Step inside the cockpit as this helicopter performs a low level fly by over the fields. Gotta love the helicopter for giving its pilot the possibility to entertain himself from time to time with some low level action 🙂 I think this helo is a Robinson R-22 but I’m not really sure.