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Super Stallion super mishap

This CH-53E Super Stallion is attempting an aerial refuel but things take an ugly twist. The pilot encounters some turbulence, tries to keep the helicopter under control and…. Well just watch the video and you’ll see what i mean.

Boeing 767 crash viewed from the passenger perspective

How often do you get the chance to film something extraordinary? A Mexican passenger on-board this Boeing 767 was just trying to film the final approach and landing at Guatemala City Airport. He got more than he hoped for… He managed to film the crash and offer us a perspective from the passenger’s point of […]

Another crash

Seems this guy was trying to do a low pass at an air show or just wanted to land. Don’t really know much about this one. Anyway, thing is he crashes this twin-engined cargo airplane. And it is ugly.

Air France Airbus crash

This is the first fully automated plane…flown by a computer. I just like the way that guy said that. Anyway this is quite a crash. Everybody survived in case you are wondering. And anyway you don’t really get to see the crash, just some smoke a bang bla bla…

Controlled crash

NASA undertook some flight test with the Boeing 707. Oh yeah! They did a “controlled impact demonstration” hoping the aircraft will not catch fire. Would you like to see what happened?

Crashing to a wedding… literally

Sometimes, parachuting at your own wedding might turn out to be a really bad idea. And when you decide to take your friends along for the ride things might really take a nasty twist. You just have to see this one and make up your own mind.

Double chute accident

This guy is just one of the unluckiest, and in the same time, luckiest man on Earth. His first free fall ever ends up with two crashes. Now that is really serious, but he survives. Double chute accident in the same jump, and the man lives to tell his tale. Lucky or unlucky? What do […]

Killer loop

To avoid accidents, that is why you must know where you are and who is flying next to you. This guy just wanted to entertain his friends and chose to do a final loop with his hang glider before landing. As you can see, it was a big mistake. He crashed into a paraglider and […]