1. I wanna say first comment, but I cant bring myself to it…


    Makes me wanna build a glider and go jump off of something (NYC anyone?)…

  2. Used to do this in my youth (not as dramatic as these guys).

    This is the stuff of Luftwaffe and RAF pilots in WW2. Crazy stuff pushing the envelope like this for some sugared up soda is not worth it. A recipie for disaster, you get no second chances on a hang glider.

    Great video though…..

  3. Yeah Bob you were right there was a mistake there… Thanks for the feedback. I think now it’s OK.

  4. I used to hang glide when I was younger. Never forgot about it. Always knew that I would get back into it. The video was what I needed to get the bees going again. God bless the crazy #%$#@*s that decided to see who could make it down the mountain the fastest. A little message for anyone that might read this. If you are thinking about getting into hang gliding, do it. It’s a GOD given gift that should be lived out with a passion. May the wind always be on your side.

  5. Dear Gliders
    I am from Nepal, a small land-lock mountain country of Asia. I always have been interested in flying, especially speed gliding. Indeed, my country has got such wonderful and suitable locations bellow the high mountains, where you can enjoy lifetime speed gliding. unfortunately, despite of huge possibility of speed gliding, we have not been able to set a single flight here. Due to the lack of resources here, we have not been able to introduce speed gliding. I would like to request all the stakeholders and interested persons who have got resources to install speed gliding point here in Nepal. It would be wonderful experience to fly all over the mountain ranges, which you cannot have all over the world.
    Please contact me by email.

  6. Hello from fabulous las vegas!Count me in on this sport would like to learn how…any instructor in Vegas?

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