This is by far the coolest, most amazing, most insane… this is the ULTIMATE WINGSUIT VIDEO! Check out the crazy stuff these guys do in the Norwegian mountains… you really won’t believe it. Jean Loic Albert explains how these guys fly within hands reach of the cliff face, something called proximity flying and how they manage to push themselves to the absolute limit. You know how they say: “Boy got skills” and this is definitely true. Enjoy!

The ultimate wingsuit video!

There are some in the world that really really want to fly like the birds… but they hate paragliders, hang gliders and sailplanes. So what is left for these people? Maybe strapping some small engines to your legs and using a wingsuit might do the trick… this guy claims he managed to fly straight and level for almost 30 seconds and that is quite impressive considering he was propelled by two small rc jet engines.

Rocket Bird

Jeb Corliss is a professional BASE jumper, skydiver, and wingsuit flyer. “BASE” is an acronym that stands for the four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump:

* Building
* Antenna (an uninhabited tower such as an aerial mast)
* Span (a bridge or arch)
* Earth (a cliff or other natural formation)

On April 2006, Jeb Corliss was arrested while attempting to jump from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. As a result he was fired and banned from all future Discovery Networks projects (he had been hired as host of the Discovery Channel program Stunt Junkies). Anyway check out this great video featuring Jeb Corliss having fun all over the world jumping from all sorts of things. Also included is some wingsuit action. Enjoy!

Jeb Corliss BASE demo

I just love the crazy frenchmen that form the Salomon Soul Flyers. This time, they went looking for a bit of fun in the Dolomites. Seems they had quite a good time. Enjoy!

Salomon Soul Flyers – Adrenaline Hunters Dolomites 07

Salomon Soul Flyers

Introducing the Salomon Soul Flyers. Great vid featuring some great skydiving action performed by the members of the Salomon Soul Flyers. BASE jumping and of course, some great wingsuit action at the end. Also, check out the sand dune action. These guys know how to have fun…

Salomon Soul Flyers

The real Batman

Jean Loic Albert is one of the pioneers of slope flying. Basically, what slope flying means, is you take a wingsuit and glide a few meters above a slope. It doesn’t really get much more extreme than this. I think this can certainly be categorized as low level flying.

The real Batman

The ultimate outdoor movie? Hell, yeah!!! Check out crazy man Jean Loic Albert, one of the Salomon Soul Flyers, as he puts on his wingsuit and goes diving after a glider. I really like the part where he catches the glider’s wing. Really outstanding performance from both riders: Jean Loic Albert in the wingsuit and Martin Kroke in the glider.

Glider vs Soul Flyers

Dave Barlia talks about slope flying in a wingsuit over the beatiful hills of France. Doing “the Batman” at treetop level is one really cool way of getting the adrenalin pumping. Pump it up!

Man, Mountain, Wingsuit

Fat Face

You gotta love the wingsuit. It is the thing that changed the face of skydiving forever. It is also very cool to look at. Check this out.

Fat Face