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The ultimate wingsuit video!

This is by far the coolest, most amazing, most insane… this is the ULTIMATE WINGSUIT VIDEO! Check out the crazy stuff these guys do in the Norwegian mountains… you really won’t believe it. Jean Loic Albert explains how these guys fly within hands reach of the cliff face, something called proximity flying and how they […]

Mirage 2000

The Dassault Mirage 2000 is probably one of the best looking planes in the world. Admire its stunning beauty in this great French Air Force video showcasing the qualities of their jet fighter.

Low altitude training

Another great video from the French. This time it’s the Gazelle helicopter in what appears to be a low altitude training exercise. These low level flights are quite intense… the helicopter feels very tight, very responsive and the rush of seeing the ground pass under you at high speed is quite spectacular.

French in flight

Compilation of Mirage, Mirage 2000 and Rafale footage. This video has everything, from low level passes in Chad to high altitude chases in the Rafale. Also some very nice footage taken from the French movie “Skyfighters”.

Jumpin’ chuteless

There have been quite a lot of stunts performed by skydivers over the years and this one has to be one of the coolest of them all. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is already a sign of madness, but jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute and with just a […]

Red Bull aerobatics

The German built MBB Bo-105 is probably one of the coolest helicopters ever built and quite probably one of the most maneuverable helicopters in the world. Red Bull uses a Bo-105 at airshows as an aerobatic demonstrator performing maneuvers that are generally reserved to aerobatic aircraft. Check out the Bo-105 as it performs a series […]

Low airliners collection

A collection of some of the greatest flybys done with airliners. Most of the time you see low level flybys performed by military pilots and their fighters or aerobatic pilots and their nimble airplanes. This time you have the chance to watch Boeings and Airbuses as their pilots go low.


Skyfighters is the English title given to the French movie “Les chevaliers du ciel”. The film was marketed as the French Top Gun and I don’t think it was a blockbuster mainly due to the ridiculous plot. The film was however very impressive under one aspect and that is the aerial footage, probably some of […]

The Strizhi

In 1991, at the Kubinka Air Base a new Russian Air Force aerobatics team was born: the Strizi ( Swifts ). Pilots at Kubinka had been flying since 1984 in close 6 aircraft formation, but they were officially recognized on May 6, 1991, when they carried out a demonstration under the name Strizhi. The aerobatic […]

The helicopter video

Man I just love helicopters. I’ve flown gliders and planes but the helicopter remains the love of my life. And this helicopter video is one of my favorites. This is a presentation of helicopters in service with the US Army, and there is some great action featuring the Huey, Comanche, Apache, Chinook, Blackhawk, Kiowa Warrior, […]