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Red Bull Speed Run

The Red Bull Speed Run is probably the ultimate competition for the hang gliding adrenaline junkie. Get as fast as you can as low as you can through a series of gates… a recipe for a fantastic show. Lots of cool low passes, water skimming, loops and more crazy action performed by these professional dare […]

Porsche 911 vs Gazelle helicopter

Tiff Needell, the host of the television show “5th gear” takes his yellow Porsche 911 GT3 against a Gazelle helicopter, in what he calls a race of speed and agility. Anyone can do a drag race against a jet fighter… but what about doing a full lap on the circuit?

The low pass

This is a compilation of some of the greatest low passes ever, soundtrack of the video is The Who – Baba O’Riley. Lots of action here, from low flying airliners to high speed jet fighters going down on the deck. Enjoy a great video!

Speed is life

Taking a jet down on the deck guarantees an adrenalin rush like no other. The aircraft feels tight, close to the ground you realize just how fast you are going, your body fills with joy and the feeling becomes addictive. They say speed is life. To know what speed really is just push the throttle […]

Low altitude training

Another great video from the French. This time it’s the Gazelle helicopter in what appears to be a low altitude training exercise. These low level flights are quite intense… the helicopter feels very tight, very responsive and the rush of seeing the ground pass under you at high speed is quite spectacular.


The F-104 Starfighter is a truly legendary plane. Some remember the good, some remember the bad… anyway this red Starfighter performing some high speed low passes is probably a spotters wet dream.

Very low Viper

This F-16 comes in for a very very low level high speed pass. Some might argue this Viper was way out low, but who cares… as long as the crowd was pleased 🙂

Skiing+Paragliding=Extreme Alpine Speed Paragliding

This just shows what you can do when you take some skis, take a paraglider and let gravity do its work. I promised myself to try this crazy combination at least once before I die. Honestly, I’d like to see this stuff at the Winter Olympics. It really does add some spice to skiing.

Red Bull speed gliding

Speed gliding is all about flying your hang glider as fast as possible through a series of gates. Ever heard the expression “treetop level” ? Well, guess you can call this one grasstop level. Sit back and enjoy this wild and crazy ride.

Top speed challenge

A really fast bike, a really fast car and a not so really fast airplane battle it out in an old fashioned quarter mile drag race to find out who is fastest. Who do you think will be the winner?