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Tu-154 landing

The Tupolev Tu-154 is a Russian built medium-range trijet airliner. The mainstay of Russian airlines for several decades, the Tu-154 has carried about half of all passengers flown by Aeroflot and its subsidiaries, or approximately 137 million passengers per year, and has been exported and operated by at least 17 foreign airlines. Join the crew […]

Long landing at Innsbruck

This Russian pilot comes in to land at the Innsbruck Airport, missing the touchdown point and finally touching down 2/3 of the runway later. Guess some days are better that others…

Mi-14 crash

The Russian built Mil Mi-14 “Haze” is an amphibious version of the Mil Mi-8 Hip helicopter. Used mainly for naval operations such as anti-submarine warfare and mine counter-measures, the Mi-14 is also used for SAR (search and rescue) as well as other operations. In May 2006, a Mi-14 participated in a simulated oil spill emergency […]

Satan’s chariot

“Letayushiy tank”, or in English “Flying tank”. That is what the Russians call the Mil Mi-24/35 Hind E. The Mi-35 is the export version of the Mi-24V, a development of the Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. The Hind is one of the iconic attack helicopters, easily recognizable anywhere in the world. In comparison to other attack […]

The Strizhi

In 1991, at the Kubinka Air Base a new Russian Air Force aerobatics team was born: the Strizi ( Swifts ). Pilots at Kubinka had been flying since 1984 in close 6 aircraft formation, but they were officially recognized on May 6, 1991, when they carried out a demonstration under the name Strizhi. The aerobatic […]

White Swan

The Tupolev Tu-160 known by NATO as Blackjack is a supersonic strategic heavy bomber. Similar to the American B-1 Lancer, the big Russian bomber was nicknamed by its pilots “White Swan” due to the white antiflash white finish of the aircraft. The white finish adds a bit of elegance and style to this mighty Russian […]

Mil Mi-34 Hermit going mad

Of course the Mi-34 Hermit can’t go mad. But the pilot can 🙂 This little Russian helicopter built by the famous Mil Helicopters is capable of some insane aerobatic maneuvers. Equipped with the same M-14 nine piston radial engine found in high performance aerobatic airplanes such as the Sukhoi Su-26 and Su-31, this little helicopter […]

Havoc… the BADASS Russian gunship

The Mil Mi-28 Havoc is not the newest attack helicopter out there. Hell, it’s not even one of the best gunships on the market today. But compared to other helicopters of its class such as the Cobra or Apache, though similar in shape, it really looks more badass. And that’s a good thing! Of course […]

2005 Moscow Military Parade

This is some great footage from the 2005 Moscow Military Parade. Must have been quite a sight. Stars of the event were the Sukhoi Su-27s and the MiG-29s belonging to the Russian Knights air display team and the Strizhi ( Swifts ). Great in cockpit footage showing formation flying and approach to the parade. Best […]

Russian Knight on his belly

In 1997 at an airshow in Bratislava one member of the Russian Knights aerobatic team forgot to lower the landing gear of his Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker. As a result of this incident, only helicopters were allowed to perform that day. As for the aircraft, there was some damage to the underside but nothing major. The […]