Six years of hang gliding at Point of the Mountain, Utah compressed in a few minutes of intense video. To me, this is one of the best hang gliding videos out there. The stuff these guys do is absolutely crazy but seems they have a lot of fun and that’s what flying should be all about… hanging out and having fun with your mates. This is absolutely a must see video, whether you are or aren’t a fan of the hang gliders.

The Point of the Mountain hang gliding

The helicopter in question is an Aerospatiale SA330 Puma. The pilot in question is French and if you have visited this site before, you probably know by now that if the words insane, helicopter, Puma and French are thrown in together it can only mean one thing: somewhere in Chad this French pilot had a very good time while at the same time entertaining the guys on the ground. Lucky guys!!! For the rest of us couch potatoes, well… at least we have one very impressive video with this truly crazy low level pass.

Insane helicopter fly-by

There have been quite a lot of stunts performed by skydivers over the years and this one has to be one of the coolest of them all. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is already a sign of madness, but jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute and with just a pair of shorts on you is definitely beyond crazy… or so it would seem. My personal opinion? Coolest jump ever!

Jumpin’ chuteless

Swedish helicopter crash

From what I hear this guy got this helicopter ride as a birthday present. What ever possessed him to take his helicopter on a road trip I have no idea… instead of a nice helicopter ride for his birthday he received an ambulance ride to the hospital.

Swedish helicopter crash

Mil Mi-34 Hermit going mad

Of course the Mi-34 Hermit can’t go mad. But the pilot can 🙂 This little Russian helicopter built by the famous Mil Helicopters is capable of some insane aerobatic maneuvers. Equipped with the same M-14 nine piston radial engine found in high performance aerobatic airplanes such as the Sukhoi Su-26 and Su-31, this little helicopter is capable of pulling 3Gs and can perform loops and rolls and stuff like that. It is in fact an absolute delight to see this one at work… soundtrack is good too!

Mil Mi-34 Hermit going mad

Check out this amazing little RC aircraft and the crazy things it can do. It looks as if the controller uses his airplane to challenge the laws of physics. Anyway great performance and great skills. This has to be one of the best RC videos out there.

Insane indoor aerobatics

Speed gliding is all about flying your hang glider as fast as possible through a series of gates. Ever heard the expression “treetop level” ? Well, guess you can call this one grasstop level. Sit back and enjoy this wild and crazy ride.

Red Bull speed gliding

One of the most extreme, crazy, mad, insane … ( and the list can go like this for pages ) stunts I have ever seen. Surely, he knew what he was doing and was in control the whole time, but man, there is something about having a burning parachute over your head that gives me goose bumps. Ever heard the expression: “He’s on fire!”. Yeah, that sounds kinda right for this one.

Extreme skydiving – burning parachute!!!

Oh, @!$# !!!

This is really one intense video. Crazy near miss, or near hit. This guy passes inches away from an incoming airplane. After seeing this one I have to say i totally agree with him. Left me wondering though… what would have happened if he didn’t pop the chute?

Oh, @!$# !!!

The ultimate outdoor movie? Hell, yeah!!! Check out crazy man Jean Loic Albert, one of the Salomon Soul Flyers, as he puts on his wingsuit and goes diving after a glider. I really like the part where he catches the glider’s wing. Really outstanding performance from both riders: Jean Loic Albert in the wingsuit and Martin Kroke in the glider.

Glider vs Soul Flyers