Month: December 2008

Daredevil crop dusters

This is one crazy archive video showing the crop dusters of Columbia back in the ’50s. Spraying cotton was quite a business back then, but what really stands out is the incredible maneuvers these pilots performed with their little Piper Cubs to spread the load evenly. No wonder they were called daredevil aerial crop dusters… […]

Gyro hang glider

This has to be one of the most weird looking flying machines ever to reach for the skies. This thing looks as if a helicopter met up with a hang glider and humped it like crazy… and then the waited for the result. I wouldn’t have the balls to fly such a thing, but there […]

Jumbo lightning

This Jumbo Jet takes off in the middle of a storm and is punished by Mother Nature with one massive lightning strike. This video may look a bit dramatic, but lightning strikes are not really that uncommon. Nevertheless, this is one awesome moment caught on video.