Month: March 2008

I love sky

“I love sky” is a great episode of a great animation series. This bear is probably one of the unluckiest bears ever, but he’s also one of the funniest. Enjoy this great skydiving animation.

Jumpin’ chuteless

There have been quite a lot of stunts performed by skydivers over the years and this one has to be one of the coolest of them all. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is already a sign of madness, but jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute and with just a […]

Hang Gliding Bear

Great piece of animation. This bear is probably one of the unluckiest bears ever 🙂 Anyway enjoy this great piece of animation showing that even bears would like to fly…although this one doesn’t quite seem to be in his own element.

Frosty the paragliding dog

Meet Mr. Frosty. Mr. Frosty desperately wants to fly and today is Mr. Rusty’s lucky day… he is about to take off for the first time in his life. Check out his big debut!

Dwaine’s death

Most people think skydiving is a dangerous sport. Jeb Corliss is probably one of the best known professional skydivers in the world and in this interview he talks about his friends death. Dwaine died after hitting the bridge at 120 mph and Jeb Corliss was there to see it.

Wing Walk

Well, there are many ways you can take a walk and a few ways of jumping out of an airplane… and then there is of course walking on the wing of the plane and jumping away. Yeah, that’s pretty cool but can you do that without the chute?

P-47 belly landing

This RC P-47 has quite a troubled day. After a first difficult landing, the pilot manages to send it once again in the air. On the second flight the right wheel bails out 🙂 and the pilot is forced to belly land the plane. The P-47 is saved thanks to the pilot’s skills. The minimal […]

Puma down

Don’t really know much about this one. This Puma helicopter seems to have a tail rotor failure sending it in an uncontrolled spin… that’s what generally happens when you lose the tail rotor. Hope everybody made it out alive…