Month: October 2007

Killer loop

To avoid accidents, that is why you must know where you are and who is flying next to you. This guy just wanted to entertain his friends and chose to do a final loop with his hang glider before landing. As you can see, it was a big mistake. He crashed into a paraglider and […]

Free Willy

Well this one is just one funny piece of video. I don’t know maybe he thought it is better to use his pecker for directional stability… have no idea but this one is really funny. Gives a new meaning to the term “Free Willy”.

Marry me!

This is just another great commercial. This time it is Siemens that chose the sky diving theme for their ad. It is a great way of asking the big question, isn’t it?

Greg Gasson

Do you think jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute strapped on your back is boring? American professional skydiver Greg Gasson does. He thought why not jump out of a perfectly fine airplane with a parachute in his hand? Oh yeah, he is barefoot too… not that it really matters but this […]

Where eagles fly

What if you are a bald eagle and boredom strikes? What can you do? Well this bald eagle figured it could be fun chasing a nearby RC airplane resulting in a man vs nature dogfight.

Cropdusting is fun

If you don’t believe me watch this video and you’ll see what i mean. Flying low and fast… quite a rush. That cropduster is not really the most agile of planes, but still, this shows how fun aviation is.

Le Puma du Tchad

Helicopters are fun to fly and these guys have probably the best job in the world. French Army Puma helicopters fly low and dirty in Tchad. It really doesn’t get any better than this. These guys are crazy!

Paraglider with a mind of its own!

Well I saw this and for about half an hour i couldn’t stop laughing. Oh yeah, that paraglider had a mind of its own. I can only imagine how that guy was feeling. He was trying to launch it and at one moment it seemed he nailed it. But not for long. That glider went […]

Zoltan’s fictions

Some people just love a good adrenaline rush. Zoltan Veres is a Hungarian pilot that just loves aerobatics, flying low, inverted and of course… under bridges with his Extra 300. Amazing little plane and amazing pilot. Check out his amazing stunts! Oh, and in case you are wondering, that is a MiG-29 he’s flying formation […]