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Hiller crash

This Hiller helicopter crashed while filming the 1978 film “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!”. The pilot was supposed to enter the frame at the same time the police car was rolling in… but he came a bit fast and had to flare hard thus hitting the ground with the tail rotor. Although the crash was […]

Plane vs. Helicopter

Ever wondered what a World War II airplane could do to a helicopter? Well this short video will quite clearly showcase the destruction an airplanes propeller can cause to a helicopter. That poor Jet Ranger “parked” nicely on the grass is nothing more than chewing material for that big brutes propeller.

Mi-2 helicopter crash

The pilot of this Polish built Mil Mi-2 helicopter came in to land with a high rate of descent, stalling the helicopter close to the ground and as a result the helicopter bit the dust. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

Helicopter blind spot

This video shows that even helicopters have blind spots too and sometimes funny things happen when you least expect it. Check out this firefighting pilot who accidentally hits a truck with his bucket spreading his load all over.

Dwaine’s death

Most people think skydiving is a dangerous sport. Jeb Corliss is probably one of the best known professional skydivers in the world and in this interview he talks about his friends death. Dwaine died after hitting the bridge at 120 mph and Jeb Corliss was there to see it.

Puma down

Don’t really know much about this one. This Puma helicopter seems to have a tail rotor failure sending it in an uncontrolled spin… that’s what generally happens when you lose the tail rotor. Hope everybody made it out alive…

Swedish helicopter crash

From what I hear this guy got this helicopter ride as a birthday present. What ever possessed him to take his helicopter on a road trip I have no idea… instead of a nice helicopter ride for his birthday he received an ambulance ride to the hospital.

Son, did we land or were we shot down?

This video reminds me of a joke I heard some time ago. A young co-pilot performed an extremely rough landing… and such was the case that the company he was working at had a rule: the pilots of the aircraft had to stay near the door and wave their passengers goodbye. After his very hard […]

Disaster strikes

This A-4 Skyhawk was flying formation with a F-18 Hornet when disaster strikes. The F-18 “looses” one of its bombs and the A-4 gets hit by it. The pilot was forced to eject and landed safely.

Dramatic hard landing

This Bk-117 was coming in to a near drowning scene and everything looked alright. Unfortunately one of the engines of the helo fails and the pilot is forced to make this dramatic hard landing. Check out the story for more details of this incident in Phoenix.