Cutting close

Ever wonder how they trim the trees around power lines? My guess is you probably never even thought about it until now… but just in case you want to know… check out this great video. All you need to do some trimming is a skilled pilot, a helicopter and of course the biggest saw you can ever imagine attached to that helicopter. The rest is pure destruction 🙂


  1. I have seen this very rig at my local FBO while it was getting fueled on the job. It is VERY impressive. BTW, the saw unit has its own horizontally opposed engine in the box at the top of the chassis and that box is connected to the belly hook with a pipe, not a flexible line.
    The anchor point has a U-joint, a release and the pilot can control the swivel, so he can run the saw in a direction that is different than the chopper is pointed. This is so he can cut along a line in a strong crosswind. No air conditioning. On 100 degree days, it is hot work, but less costly per mile of right-of-way, than running a crew especially when the terrain is difficult, like along the sides of a bluff. The guys who fly these rigs are real pilots.

  2. That’s some amazing skill running that equipment!

    Should be a version without the music. Would rather hear the helicopter and saw blades cutting!

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