1. Larry forgot to mentoin that Torrey’s is a closed site. You can only fly here if you are a member of Torrey Pines Gulls. It used to be accessible to anyone who was an AMA member but that’s not the case anymore. Too bad!

  2. We have a very similar-looking chair in our son’s room (ours is a reokcr) and it is – all nostalgia aside – the most comfortable chair in the whole house. Ours is a bedtime reading, snuggle up when someone has had a bad dream or is feeling icky chair, and so much more chair – and it’s the oldest piece of furniture we own, having been reupholstered at least 3 times over its lifespan.So, yeah, we have that chair and with our son now having sailed well past 4, the times we spend him there are really precious. Like your son, ours is rarely still lng enough to curl up in either or our laps – and even when he does, he hardly fits any more!Oh sheesh, I’ve gotta go get a Kleenex now. :::sniff::: Dang allergies… 😉

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