1. I have posted many games, coecusckkr. Your smellly ass ought to go and search them out. You are a parasite just like Magma. the only difference between the two of you is that you are the supplier and he’s the consumer.Who is a worse human being, the addict or the dealer? You make hacks and you distribute them to people (the dealer) and Magma uses hacks like yours and he ruins he sportsmanship of any game he participates in. Who’s worse between the two of you? I honestly don’t know. You’re both disgusting. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to remain disgusting or if you would prefer to be cool like everybody else? Go make an anti no-fog, anti-hacks, anti-cheat, anti-ghey (anti butt-secks, sorry goldy’s a fucking flamer), and then everybody will love you. You know you want to be liked. We have no problem liking you if you can contribute. We know you can, use those skills to create, rather than destroy. p.s. I pwn h0h0 kor he’s improved a shitload, I admit, but he still comes to daddy and daddy don’t fuck around ya’llp.s.s. guldis is hella Emop.s.s.s. puma is king, but i pwneth hep.s.s.s.s. maria juana is ok in small quantitiesp.s.s.s.s.s. tiny map, 8 players, stone start, death match, ffa you should play it bitches, you should!!!

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